2017 Mixed Open Pairs

The mixed open Lawn Bowling competition was held at Beaconsfield on July 15,2017


1st Place:    David-J. Smith, Margaret MacNeil

2nd Place:  Nasir and Lourdes Asghar

3rd  Place:  Murielle and Maurice Beauchamp

3rd Game High:   Wayne and Faye Hossack

A message to Beaconsfield Lawn Bowling Club Members from the BLBC President, Wayne Chen:

Congratulations to Lourdes and Nasir for winning all of their 3 matches

Congratulations also to Gael Montpetit, our second year bowler for taking part in her first Invitational and winning 2 of her 3 matches.

Thank you Minder for partnering with Gael. Thanks also to all our members who took part in this competition, Tony Fox, Eliza, Hernandos, Vira, Henry and Irene.

Thanks to David Mulholland for organizing this event, along with the 6 teams from Beaconsfield we had 14 other teams from St. Lambert, Westmount, Verdun, Pierrefonds and Pointe Claire.

A big thanks to Julia for preparing the goodies, veggies, cakes etc. And, to her helpers, Nancy, Pat, Kerstin and Janet, thank you.

Thanks to John Barkwith for rolling the greens at 8 in the morning and to Tony Fox for stocking and manning the Bar. Thanks to all our members who helped setup the tables and chairs and for staying back to help put them away.

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