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2017 Beaconsfield Open Competitions

  Women Pairs   June 15  
  Mixed Pairs   July 15  
  Swinging Teapot Women Triples   July 22  
  Herb Linder Trophy   August 26  
2017 Open Competition Results

Men's Pairs Invitational at Verdun
First Place: Minder Ubha, Tony Fox

Mixed Pairs at Beaconsfield
Second Place: Lourdes and Nasir Asghar

Mina Thom Tournament at Pierrefonds
Second Place: Irene Chan and Henry Fung

Australian Women Pairs Competition at Westmount
Third Place: Julia Coombe, Vira Ubha

Australian Men Pairs Competition at Westmount
First Place: Minder Ubha, Wayne Chen

Governor General Men's Novice Fours
Second Place: Tony Kingsley, Michel Gervais, George Gould, Robert Lauriault

2016 Open Competition Results
Provincial Novice Fours
First Place: Andrew Scott, George Gould, Michel Gervais, Tony Kingsley
2015 Open Competition Results
Provincial Novice Fours
Second Place: Andrew Scott, Jun Alejandrino, Hernando Caboteja, George Gould

2014 Open Competition Results
Beaconsfield Mixed Open Pairs
Third Place: Minder Ubha, Marjorie Bastien

Pierrefonds Mixed Triples/Fours
Third Place: Minder Ubha, Marjorie Bastien, Nasir Asghar, Eliza Cabotaje

Canadian Blind Bowling Championships
Women: Silver Medal: Heather Green
Men: Silver Medal: Richard Lee

St Lambert Mixed Triples/Fours
Second Place: Minder Ubha, Hernando Cabotaje, Jun Alejandrino

2013 Open Competition Results

Atlantic Bowl
Silver in Ladies Pairs: Maureen O'Brien & Yvette Chisholm

Herb Linder Trophy

Winners: Lourdes and Nasir Asghar, Hernando and Eliza Cabotaje

St. Lambert Invitational
Third place: Marjorie Bastien, Vira Ubha, Dalal Carpentier

Canadian Blind Bowling Championships
Silver Medal: Heather Green
Gold Medal: Richard Lee

2012 Open Competition Results

Westmount Mixed Triples, June 16
Second place: Yvette Chisholm, Jean and John Wilson

Westmount Margeret Ross Trophy, July 26
Winners: Julia Coombe, Lourdes Asghar

Westmount Australian Pairs
Third place: John Wilson, David Mulholland

Canadian Blind Bowling Championships, Glenridge, July 22 to 27
Silver Medal: Heather Green
Bronze Medal: Richard Lee

Provincial Women Novice Fours
Second Place: Marjorie Bastien, Vira Ubha, Heather MacIntosh, Dalal Carpentier

Provincial Men Novice Fours

Second Place: David Mulholland, Minder Ubha, Tony Fox, Andrew Scott

Townsend Clarke Trophy
Second Place: Julia Coombe, Mila Sachdeva, Lourdes Asghar

2011 Open Competition Results

Beaconsfield Invitational Threes/Fours, June 9th
Winners: Evelyn Stafford, Doreen Carter & Marjorie Bastien

St-Lambert's Bring a Novice, July 10th
Winners: Julia Coombe, Janet Ilavsky, and June Parry

Wilson Trophy in Verdun
Winners: Jackie Nieberg, Julia Coombe, and Lorraine O'Neil

Beaconsfield Mixed Pairs Invitational
Third place prize went to John and Jean Wilson

Westmount Margaret Ross Trophy
Winners: Evelyn Stafford and Julia Coombe

Westmount Australian Open Pairs
Second place: John Wilson and David Mulholland

Men's Provincial Novice Singles
Winner: David Mulholland.  Second Place:Minder Ubha

Woman's Provincial Novice Fours
Second Place: Mila Sachdeva, Nola Lauzon, Marjorie Bastien, Vira Ubha

Men's Provincial Pairs
Runner's up: R. Menear, John Wilson

Men's Provincial Novice Fours
Winners: Singh Sachdeva, Hernando Cabotaje, Minder Ubha, David Mulholland

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