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2018 Beaconsfield Open Competitions

  Mixed Pairs   July 14, 9:30 am  
  Mixed Triples   July 22, 9:30 am  
  Swinging Teapot Women Triples   July 28, 9:30 am  
  Herb Linder Trophy   August 19, 9:30 am  
2017 Open Competition Results

Men's Pairs Invitational at Verdun
First Place: Minder Ubha, Tony Fox

Herb Linder Trophy

First place: Minder Ubha, Vera Ubha, Hernando Cabotaje, Eliza Cabotaje

Verdun Men's Pairs Invitational
First Place: Minder Ubha, Tony Fox

Mixed Pairs at Beaconsfield
Second Place: Lourdes and Nasir Asghar

Mina Thom Tournament at Pierrefonds
Second Place: Irene Chan and Henry Fung

Australian Women Pairs Competition at Westmount
Third Place: Julia Coombe, Vira Ubha

Australian Men Pairs Competition at Westmount
First Place: Minder Ubha, Wayne Chen

Provincial Federation Men's Novice Singles
Second Place: George Gould

Governor General Men's Novice Fours
Second Place: Tony Kingsley, Michel Gervais, George Gould, Robert Lauriault

2016 Open Competition Results
Provincial Novice Fours
First Place: Andrew Scott, George Gould, Michel Gervais, Tony Kingsley
2015 Open Competition Results
Provincial Novice Fours
Second Place: Andrew Scott, Jun Alejandrino, Hernando Caboteja, George Gould

2014 Open Competition Results
Beaconsfield Mixed Open Pairs
Third Place: Minder Ubha, Marjorie Bastien

Pierrefonds Mixed Triples/Fours
Third Place: Minder Ubha, Marjorie Bastien, Nasir Asghar, Eliza Cabotaje

Canadian Blind Bowling Championships
Women: Silver Medal: Heather Green
Men: Silver Medal: Richard Lee

St Lambert Mixed Triples/Fours
Second Place: Minder Ubha, Hernando Cabotaje, Jun Alejandrino

2013 Open Competition Results

Atlantic Bowl
Silver in Ladies Pairs: Maureen O'Brien & Yvette Chisholm

Herb Linder Trophy

Winners: Lourdes and Nasir Asghar, Hernando and Eliza Cabotaje

St. Lambert Invitational
Third place: Marjorie Bastien, Vira Ubha, Dalal Carpentier

Canadian Blind Bowling Championships
Silver Medal: Heather Green
Gold Medal: Richard Lee

2012 Open Competition Results

Westmount Mixed Triples, June 16
Second place: Yvette Chisholm, Jean and John Wilson

Westmount Margeret Ross Trophy, July 26
Winners: Julia Coombe, Lourdes Asghar

Westmount Australian Pairs
Third place: John Wilson, David Mulholland

Canadian Blind Bowling Championships, Glenridge, July 22 to 27
Silver Medal: Heather Green
Bronze Medal: Richard Lee

Provincial Women Novice Fours
Second Place: Marjorie Bastien, Vira Ubha, Heather MacIntosh, Dalal Carpentier

Provincial Men Novice Fours

Second Place: David Mulholland, Minder Ubha, Tony Fox, Andrew Scott

Townsend Clarke Trophy
Second Place: Julia Coombe, Mila Sachdeva, Lourdes Asghar

2011 Open Competition Results

Beaconsfield Invitational Threes/Fours, June 9th
Winners: Evelyn Stafford, Doreen Carter & Marjorie Bastien

St-Lambert's Bring a Novice, July 10th
Winners: Julia Coombe, Janet Ilavsky, and June Parry

Wilson Trophy in Verdun
Winners: Jackie Nieberg, Julia Coombe, and Lorraine O'Neil

Beaconsfield Mixed Pairs Invitational
Third place prize went to John and Jean Wilson

Westmount Margaret Ross Trophy
Winners: Evelyn Stafford and Julia Coombe

Westmount Australian Open Pairs
Second place: John Wilson and David Mulholland

Men's Provincial Novice Singles
Winner: David Mulholland.  Second Place:Minder Ubha

Woman's Provincial Novice Fours
Second Place: Mila Sachdeva, Nola Lauzon, Marjorie Bastien, Vira Ubha

Men's Provincial Pairs
Runner's up: R. Menear, John Wilson

Men's Provincial Novice Fours
Winners: Singh Sachdeva, Hernando Cabotaje, Minder Ubha, David Mulholland

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